Next Gen Philanthropy
Strategic Planning and Facilitation
Leadership Coaching
I am a thought partner to my clients who are physicians, non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs and others who seek to rationalize their talents and resources, tap into their values and intuition, ask good questions, question good answers, identify personal and professional goals, define and create success and enjoy it.  I am a facilitator of experiential learning for individuals and groups involved in transitions due to expansion, contraction or evolution of professional roles and responsibilities.  I am an attorney with an innovative approach to non profit governance.
"Janet is a great strategic thinker.  She was
tremendously helpful at several professional
junctures as I thought through issues in my work
life, and I have witnessed her in action when she
led challenging and transformative initiatives at
Inglis Foundation." Marie Savard, M.D.
•   AIM Productions - Philadelphia, PA
•   SkinSmart Dermatology - Philadelphia, PA
•   Kun Yang Lin Dance Company - Philadelphia, PA
•   Citizens for a Better Flathead - Kalispell, MT
•   Calm Animal Care - Kila, MT